Friday, January 27, 2012

Doctor Again

Yesterday it was to the cardiolist for me for a regular check up.  I usually go twice a year. Once when we are ready to take off for the summer then again when we get back.  He told me yesterday that he would see me in another year,so that was good news.

 As it always is it takes up most of the day when you see a doctor,we grabbed a bite to eat and then went to J B Starkey Park for a walk. We did see a gopher tortoise in the weeds.
Then on the way out of the park at sunset we saw these two deer. This is the first deer we have seen in this park in a couple of years.
From the park we went to pick up our medicine. I dropped the prescriptions off the day before,but it seems 24 hours is not enough time to fill them at this Walmart. The lady said they have all but one filled give them five minutes. After twenty minutes I checked back (a different lady at the counter) checked to see if they were ready. She said they till had four more to fill.  Huh,wait just a minute.  You must be filling them then unfilling them. When the five minutes turned into forty-five minutes we took what they had and said we would return the next day.
Don't you just love it when those things happen?
It was a long tiresome day,but we made it.
I wish you a very good day. 

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Leaving a complaint with the Walmart Managers might speed things up. If it's dropped off and you'll come back that's one thing but if you are waiting for the meds they should put it front and center.

It's about time.