Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yesterday we went to the library in New Port Richey town to try and get our cards. We were there thursday but didn't have anything showing that our stated address is indeed where we live. They said they would sent each of us a letter and when we get the letter to bring it in. It was supose to show up in the mail monday but didn't come so we went to check on it. Well the reason we didn't get the letter they hadn't mailed it yet. So now it is the old waiting game. On the way to the library I stopped into Harbor Freight to get a couple of things.
 We then went to the park at the end of Green Key Road.
This is a nice small park out beside the gulf.  Uou can take the boardwalk out for a better view of the gulf waters.  When you get to the end there is an elevated platform to look and there is always a good breeze coming in off the water.  From there it was to the mall to get a little more walking.  Then it was to Walmart as always to buy a few things.  It was a nice lazy good walking day for us.

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gypsygirl said...

Beautiful picture, Dad! Wish I was there with you!