Saturday, December 24, 2011

Running around again

Yesterday we were out again doing more shopping. Nancy was buying herself some things she wanted in the Bon Worth store and instead of hanging on her side I just stayed in the car. Everything went much better that way,because she was through in a very short time and we were on our way again.  It was to Kmart for a few things and mostly to look around. By that time we were getting hungry so it was a stop at the Chili's restaurant where we used the gift certificate that Jeremy and Allison gave us for Christmas.  That was all of the gift certificates we had. We had another from Nancy's sister Callie that we used a week ago. Then it was to Walmart for a couple of grocery items. You just can't get out without going to Walmart.  After getting back home it was the reading,tv and computer time/
This was the third day in a roll that we have been out late doing the stores thing.  

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