Thursday, December 15, 2011

Down by Tarpon Lake

Yesterday we were back at the John Chesnut Park in Pinellas County.  Of course this is another of our favorite parks(aren't they all).  There is alway a nice breeze blowing in off of Tarpon Lake. Also we usually see some kind of animals here.
 As soon as we got out of the car we saw this small gator about four foot long. It looks like the same one that was in the same place the last time we were here.
                                          Oh my belly.
It looks like this squirrel has had too much to eat.  Really though we have seen a bunch of these fat squirrels and I think it must be time for the little ones to be born.
 Here a couple dunking their heads under water from time to time eating.
The park has several boardwalks along the trails and benches that you can sit to rest or just listen to the birds or creatures thst are around.  We had a nice day and a good feeling that we are trying hard to get back into our walking habit.

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gypsygirl said...

Dad, I love all the pics you post. Keep'em coming! :o)