Thursday, December 08, 2011

Cool,Maybe Cold

Nancy and I were real slow getting ready yesterday. We just kept finding small things that we wanted to get done before we went out to face the day.  It was finally in the late afternoon before we went out.  We started to walk around the park and it was getting darker as we were going. We felt a couple of rain drops so we came back to the house. A good thing,by that time it came a rain and started getting colder by the minute. It was 74° and a couple of hours later it was down to 60°.  When the temps get low we have good hot soup for dinner and yesterday evening it sure was soup weather.
This morning when we woke up the temp was 42° so it is safe to say it will be a stay inside day today.  We are such wimps.

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Tom Williams said...

I'd feel more inclined to feel sorry for you if I hadn't awoke to 5 degrees this morning and a high of 34. I didn't spend much time outside either.