Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Just Blogging

I notice on the blogs of other people that I keep up with they are saying how the clicking of the google ads are down. Well mine are more than down they are "ZERO". I can understand because unlike the other bloggers I have a very few that read my blog. When the others have 6 or 7 hundred a day they are down. I have never had even one hundred hits a day since I've been blogging. I'm not like some of the others that have written books or are big contributors to the forums. My blog is for the family and friends that I've met on the way that wants to keep up with Nancy and me. Sometimes a blog becomes stale like when we are just being like everyone else and just living from day today. Hopefully soon we can add something interesting.


Anonymous said...

Well said Joe! I read your blog!

Jim in Milledgeville

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe -
I read your blog, too, along with a half dozen others. Yours has the advantage of being short & to the point.
re: the Google ads - they disappeared off your posting a few weeks ago, so I just thought you opted out. You should check on that.
Vic in Lamont Alberta