Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Yesterday it was windy most of the day and the temp was around 65°. We went 15 miles north of were we are on a side road to visit the community of Aripeka. This is a small town that time has about forgotten. It looks about the same as it was 50 or so years ago. If you want to see how Florida looked at that time this is the place to visit.

The gulf canal comes in under a couple of bridges in the town and the people will be there on the bridges fishing anytime you are going through. No super highways here just a two lane road with a speed limit of 35 MPH.
North of town there is a nice little park,here is a tower that is several stories high where you can climb to get a good view.
As you can see from this advantage point you can see the gulf. You can also see across the highway is a parking place where you can fish off of a wooden walkway and you can launch your boat to go out through the canal into the gulf. A very nice place to spend a little time. We had a nice time in this short drive from the house.
On the way back I stopped to se what Circuit City had on the liquidation sale. I was very surprised to see only a 10% mark down in the sale. Not much of a sale. You could do better buying somewhere else. From there we stopped and bought a pizza for our dinner.

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