Friday, March 16, 2007


Rain,rain,thats what its been doing all morning. It started late last night. So we won't be doing much today. Not that I had planned anything,after all the basketball tournament is going strong.
You have to expect some days like this. They can't always be nice sunshine days.
One thing about being in the motorhome when it rains is something like being in a barn with a metal roof on it. The pitter patter of the rain on top of the motorhome has a soothing sound that makes you sleepy. That is ok as long as we don't have strong winds then the rocking of the motorhome starts. Of course that doesn't happen very often.
People asked us if we feel cooped up when we have to stay in the motorhome. I have to say it doesn't feel crowded for me. Nancy will usually be in the front watching her programs and I will be in the bedroom in back watching the television.

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