Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Off the Intersate

We are back home after our visit with the family. It was a very nice visit to say the least.
Coming back yesterday I was off the interstate again and what a pleasure it is to get away from the traffic with everyone in a hurry. You always have the ones were they think they need to be in front of everyone else. They will zig zag in and around everybody.

We took RT. 41 south through the nice country and little towns that were once a progressing community. They are still nice and charming to go through and see what once was. With their nice large houses with the porches and swings and nice yards.

Their churches that were build in the 1800's and early 1900's. They just hold a certain charm. These church's had people that always attended them and was the town meeting place for a get together. The only way you can see them now is to get off the interstate and get on the road that at one time was the only roads going through the towns. This was before people were in such a hurry. The house and the church are in Jasper,Florida.
Still a little farther south we came to the town of White Springs,Florida whose fame is The Stephen Foster State Park and Memorial. Here is the old Adams General Store built in 1885. This was long before you had the big box stores of nowadays. This store you could go into and buy what you needed for a month. For a month? Yes that is what I said. This is the way people did it back then. They didn't go to the store everyday or twice a day like we do now. They had to much to do working their farms and tending to live stock. Buying their 100 pounds of beans and flour or their 25 pound buckets of lard. Life was simple back then but very hard and the people still had time for more things then we do now. Go figue that out.
The Adams Family must have did pretty good with their general store because this is the old house that they lived in. A very large 2 story house with porches upstairs and down stairs in front and back. This house with the big yard really had to cost a lot back then. The house is now a Bed and Breakfast.
White Springs also had The Thetford Hotel in the 1800's so they must have had some travelers going through town. This was before motels and before motor lodges. These buildings are always built with the finest of materials. The roof over the front outside sitting area is long gone but it still looks nice. The hotel like the Adams house is a Bed and Breakfast. People traveling the interstate just have no idea of what they are missing. You just have to take the time and enjoy some of lifes little pleasures. There's more to life than the microwave and the computer.

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