Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Trail

The babershop was open yesterday and I did get a haircut. After I came back we went back to the Anerson Park,where we discovered yet another trail we hadn't been on before. This one had a boardwalk around the edge of the lake.

As we got on the boardwalk we saw this alligator in the edge of the water. Here Nancy is watching the alligator. Or is the alligator watching Nancy? Here is is on a section of the boardwalk. The walkway had a place every once in awhile that led off of the main walkway to a place you could fish or have a pinic. It had a table and trash container and was very private so no one would bother you. This was another nice trail.
This redhead woodpecker was very busy looking for insects. We were close enough that we could see how fast and hard its head was drilling the hole. These trails in the woods are just great for seeing different animals and flowers.

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