Thursday, March 29, 2007

Frig Problem

This day started different. I noticed the check light was on the frig so I turned it off and back on after about 30 seconds it kicked back off. Knowing that this is a Dometic that has a recall on the cooling unit I went outside to see if I could see any ammonia leak. Everything looked good. Next was to take the cover off the circuit board and check fuses,good here also. I had a spare circuit board that I had gotten off of a discarded frig,so next was to put that on and try. Still did not kick on. Check the ac circuit next. I didn't have any voltage coming out of the circuit. So I hooked up an extension cord. This did the trick. I'm still thinking the board was bad because the frig wouldn't work on gas. So I will leave the board on that I found in the junk pile. Next problem is why I have no voltage to the plug in behind the frig. I've checked the breakers and they are ok. More trouble shooting for the day.
But first we have to do the laundry again. I will just have to take my time to find out what is wrong however long it takes.

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