Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Different Grounds

We walked on different grounds yesterday. We were at the Brooker Creek Preserve, this is the first time here. We always like to find places we haven't walked before so we might have a change of scenery.
Although sometimes they seem to look alike there is still something different about it. We saw a large turtle in the creek but no other animals. Maybe the weather was just a little too warm for them to be out and about. We walked close to 3 miles on the trails before we left this Park.
After leaving the Preserve at Brooker Creek we went down to Chestnut Park where we always enjoy our walk. We spotted this 6 foot gator out sunning itself.

He was out at the sign that says "danger do not feed or molest". I did not feed the alligator and I don't know how you would molest one. Nancy says very carefully. Anyway it looks like the alligator can read,so he was at this sign to make sure people would see it and not bother him. After we got through walking on the trail we had a picnic dinner that I had bought earlier from KFC. It was a nice full day by the time we got through with 7+ miles for the day.

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