Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Beach Day

With the temperature at 83 yesterday and the sun shining so nice we thought it would be a good day to spend on the beach.

The beach was great with the sun and a nice cool breeze blowing. It was a good day to work on getting a little tan. We haven't been out to get sun that much. Of course we walk but that doesn't help to much on the body tan.
Just lying there listening to the waves come up and lapping at the shore line made for a nice sound. Some how that sound is so soothing and peaceful.

Then with the sound of the water you have the sea gulls and their chatter that you get so sleepy. About the time you think you are going to fall asleep here come the small kids running and playing then, you are afraid that you will get the sand thrown on you. But they didn't. You know kids will be kids so you can't blame them for being so alive. Beside it is fun to watch them play in the sand and water. The water is never to cold for children. After a while of being on the beach lounger we took a walk up and down the beach. We were in the water knee deep,it was cool when we first got in then after we got used to it,it felt good.

Just another day in the life of a fulltime rv'er.

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