Thursday, March 15, 2007

3 Parks

Three Parks? yes we did go to 3 parks today. First we went to the Werner Boyce Park and did some walking on the trail. The trail is short,even though we walked it twice it still wasn't enough walking for us. We then drove to the Port Richey River Park. This is also a short walk park. The walk out to the pier is nice though. It overlooks a large bay where a cool breeze was blowing and the fish were jumping out of the water.

More and more flower blooms are blooming in the parks. This is why we like to go back to the same parks because there is something that we miss that we hadn't seen before.
For instance as we were driving into the J B Starkey Park I noticed the sign about an old homestead. I parked the car and we took the short walk out to the old homestead. Not a lot remains there. We saw where the old brick lined well was,the old logs from the 10 foot by 20 foot cabin was. The fenced in place where they kept the live stock and the family cementary.
This place was the old farm of the McNeil family. We noticed that they had the cabin under the trees where it was shady and a cool breeze was blowing, so they did keep quite cool in the summertime.
Today will not be much walking. It is NCAA Tournament time. College basketballs big dance where 65 teams play to see Who is best. Whoa all the excitement.

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