Wednesday, May 06, 2015

On the road again

Yes, we did get on the road again Monday around 12:15. I thought we would never get loaded up and we would not have if Sherry wasn't there to help us.  I drove up route 19 and then on route 98 around to the panhandle.
This is a nice route with a lot of gulf water views along the way.  It has been some years back since we have been this way and we wanted to see how much change there has been.
I drove all the way to Apalachiocola and to a spot under the big bridge that I have read about with free parking at the Battery Park and Marina.
We slept under the bridge.
Here we is our spot for the night with the water being less than a stones throw away

The Marina and boats that were moored here at the time. There were five house boat including one that was a two story. I've seen a bunch of house boats but this two story one was a first for me.
We woke up to this beautiful sunrise as we looked out the bedroom window.. This is a good quite place. I saw a park worker and told him I expected the police to make a round or two. He told me that nothing ever happens here so the police don't check it out.
Tuesday it was a short drive to Gulf Breeze.
This is where we will be for a few weeks. Yes it is a Flea Market but they have a small campground which we have stay in passed years. Not your resort type of campground but it has full hookups with a much less cost than the others around the area and you know me free and cheap.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 

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