Friday, January 09, 2015

Time moves on

Well this week has gone by quite rapidly.  A few trips taking Nancy to different doctors and then her getting her hair cut a little closer. She had it cut only three weeks ago and yesterday had it cut again. She said they didn't cut it close enough the first time around.
With all of that and going to the store a few times plus doing a few things around the house here it is the weekend already. Is it just me or is time moving fast these days?  I told Nancy its either the time is moving faster or my brain is moving slower.
Tomorrow will be college basketball games day again, so I will be in front of that tv set.  I like it much better when we are in the motorhome with different things to do. Like getting out and driving to see the small towns or just getting out to walk through the woods.  Nancy says I could do that here and I tell her it is just not the same as being in different places all the time. But with the problems she has its best we stay in one place so she can see her doctors. Anyway through the winter time at least.

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