Sunday, June 28, 2020

Whats been happening

The big news is I'm finally finished with getting my eyes checked.  The doc said everything looks ok I can go ahead and have new glasses made.
I ask him if there was much of a change since the last time I've had glasses made, he said immensely.
So when they gave me the results to get my glasses made it shows I now have 20/30 vision in both eyes.  Of course I still have the  astigmatism in the left eye.
I went ahead and had them order me new glasses, so it will be 10 t0 15 days until the new glasses come in so we will be here for that long or maybe a little longer.

That still depends on what is happening on the virus thing going on with the lock-downs.

We have mandatory face mask on when out in public.  I went to Walmart the other day and everyone that was inside were wearing their masks.
Our banks are only open with the drive through, unless you get an appointment to go inside. 

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Glad to read that your eyes have been vastly improved which will not only make driving Safer but more Enjoyable.
I recently found out that they have a Laser Treatment for the Astigmatisms alone that they did not have years ago and it will not affect the Cataract Surgery. The only problem is that it could be costly.
With the resurgence of the Virus it might be safer to stay put but also lonelier

It's about time.