Thursday, March 12, 2020

Stores and Doctor

Still going to the store and places that I need to go to.   I have tried to cut the number of times though.

Nancy and I went to the doctor to see the report of our bloodwork and what he said about it.
Nancy is about the same as usual with her ongoing problems, so that was good that she has no new things that have come up.

As for me I'm still good to go and the doc said I'm doing real good.
I had lost 20 pounds from my last appointment December 10. but not to fear I put myself on a diet and I've still a few more to lose.

I told Nancy that she needed to not get out to the store or in crowded places due to her weak condition and she agreed with me.

Yesterday I got up early to do two loads of laundry, because there were some college basketball tournaments coming on at noon time.
The games are on most of the day and I will be watching them.  The thing with the Coronavirus is they don't know how much it will effect the college games.  Its just a wait and see thing as of now.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

It's wise that Nancy stay away from crowds. Even if you are exposed to it, you could bring it back to her as a carrier.
The NBA has cancelled all games until further notice. Only a matter of time that the Colleges will do the same.
Be Safe and Enjoy staying healthy.

It's about time.

Sherry Wood said...

Yes!! Dad needs to stay home too!!