Monday, March 16, 2020

Did some Grillin

The weather is really sunny and nice with just a little wind so in all it is good.

Saturday after deciding that without all the rain storms a wind look to be over for a while anyway , I pulled the patio awning out.
Then I proceeded to get our small propane grill out of the bay to clean it up.

Later on in the day I put the two half a pounder New York Strip Steaks on to grill.  They looked good on the grill sizzling  away and smoking a little.  ( sorry I was so excited to be grilling I forgot to take a photo).

Nancy and I looked at them and decided that the full 8 oz, was to much for us.  So I cut them into and the 4 oz was just right for a meal.
The steak with Italian green beans, baked potato, cole slaw and a soft drink was more than enough for us.
The steak was as done to perfection as I could get it so it was a satisfying meal.

Sunday's meal was the steak again but prepared some what different. 

I cut up the steak while Nancy was cutting peppers and onions then frying them.  When the peppers and onions where about ready I put the steak in with them to let all heat up and get finished to our taste.
Nancy then added Teriyaki Asian Sauce.

That on a bed of rice and a helping of pinto beans came out looking like this.  Oh, was that another tasty meal.
I also went to Walmart to get a few items and walking through aisle after aisle looking at empty shelves.  Man people are really stocking up, they must be going to stay inside for months!

I hope all of you will be staying well and safe.

Thanks for stopping by and have a geat day.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Looks like a tasty couple of meals. We are finding that we need less to eat to survive as well.
Empty shelves in most stores seems to be the new norm these days as the Hoarders clean them out. Some stores are even restricting limits on what you can buy.
Be Safe by staying Healthy and Enjoy staying away from crowds.

It's about time.