Friday, January 10, 2020

Almost a busy day.

Our weather here in Florida keeps jumping around.
It has been rather cool with day time in the 6o's and night time in the low 40's.   Last night the temperature was a low of 61 and today will be the real Florida temperature of 86.
Now this is more like it and why people come to Florida for.

Yesterday I was at the mall doing some shopping for myself for a pair of sneaker's.

The Gulf View Mall looks kind of deserted with half of the stores closed.
The Shoe Dept. Encore is the only store in the mall that sales shoes.  At one time there were at least five stores that sold shores.

So after walking up and down the rolls of shoes I decide on a pair of Skecher's that felt good on my feet.

I told Nancy that I would prepare supper when I got back from the mall, since she wasn't feeling well today.

So after getting back home I started with the food.  First it was slicing the steak into small strips and set it to the side.
Then it was cutting the green pepper and onions up.  Next I fried up the steak almost done before I took it out of the skillet to put the peppers and onions in.
After the peppers and onions were all most finished I put the steak back in (with Nancy having a loud grin at the way I was doing things).
After all that looking just right to my satisfaction it was ready to put on the warm " super soft" tortillas and wrap up.
All of it tasted good and the steak surprised me at how good and tender it was.

The rest of the evening was just relaxing.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

It's strange that there are new buildings being built all the time yet most are empty. I personally don't think the Economy is as stable as the powers to be let on.
The weather changes its direction every few days around here as well.
Supper sounded like it would be tasty.
Be Safe and Enjoy the warmer temps.

It's about time.