Tuesday, May 07, 2019

On the road

              I just had to wash the motorhome, so after eating breakfast I was outside doing it because it was going to rain around noon time.
Just as I was finishing up the rain came down really hard so that helped taking any soap suds off that I might have left on.

Yesterday was a nice and sunny day to start our trip, so after Nancy and Sherry were ready afternoon off we started.

After only thirty miles or so in Homosassa Spring it was slow going through town because of all the construction of widening the roads.

We have gone this route many times and this bridge over water at first looks like a river but I'm thinking it might be a canal?  Much to straight to be a river.

I like this route, not much traffic, the road is nice and straight with the speed limit of 60-65 a great ride.

A few of the trinket shops that the back roads have from years ago.

Nice scenery with fields of cattle and not many billboards.  We saw a lot of cattle this trip with new born calf.

How many times can you slow down enough on the interstates to see the different colored flowers.
Ah, the beauty of the backroads.
Yes and the building of the years long ago. Someone owned this and it was their way of making a living in the small shop.

We arrived in Live Oak and stopped at our usual place Ken's Bar-B-Que to have supper.

Here is my usual steak with fries an slaw, very good.

After which we went to the Walmart to spend the night.

But wait, what's going on here, there a sign that says (No overnight RV Parking).
Yes its another Walmart after many years of allowing overnight RV parking is saying "no" to the RV  community.
It can be several reasons-city ordinances, rver's treating it as a campground or a number of other reasons.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.



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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Glad you are Safely on the road.
It is sad how a few ruin it for the many when traveling.
Be Safe and Enjoy your leisurely travels.

It's about time.