Saturday, May 25, 2019

Not relaxing yet

With the grocery shopping out of the way Wednesday,  it was time to take care of my to do list.

So Thursday it was time to see to the motor home. 
I have been doing the oil change and greasing the motor home here at Lake Sinclair for years now so I got with it.   I'm always careful to not get oil or grease on the ground and the first order was to lay out my blue tarp to catch anything that might fall.
After the tarp is on the ground I put the oil container under the engine oil pan to drain it.  While the oil drains I'm greasing the front grease fittings and I also grease the universal joint fittings which is very important. 
After being a machinist and welder for over 25 years I've seen to many universal joints go bad from lack of grease.
After the work on the motor home and then cleaning up it was time for supper.

Nancy cooked one of the many Hungarian dishes that I like.   Polish sausage, potatoes and rigatoni pasta.
First saute 2 medium onions, paprika add the above ingredients, salt pepper cook until done. "Yummy"

Yesterday it was time for changing and greasing the car.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


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