Saturday, April 27, 2019

Doctors and eating out.

Nancy was at her Nephrologist Wednesday and as always she is kind of nervous of what the GFR numbers will be.
When the Nephrologist told her that her numbers went from 27 all the way up to 33 she perked right and came out with a loud WOW.
The Nephrologist told her to not get to excited, that her numbers would probably go back down which they usually do.  But for now that was really great news for Nancy.

After that along with Sherry we went up to Spring Hill for a good steak dinner at Cody's Steak House.  We wanted to take Sherry because she hasn't been to a Cody's before and she really enjoy her meal.

Thursday, we stayed home because I wanted to do a little more work in the house and it came a rain storm that lasted most of the day.

Yesterday it was back to the Florida Specialist Center to see how the iron infusions had worked on Nancy.
Well good news with that doctor also who told her that the infusions that the three infusions she had did the trick and she would not have to take the shots.
But as we travel through the summer she will have to get her blood drawn every six weeks so he can keep a check on it. Then he will let her know if she will have to have the iron shots started.
Once again Nancy was glad to hear the good news from the doctor on that part of her problems.

 From the doctor we came back home to pick up Sherry for another meal out.  This time it was to Niko's Grill which is a small restaurant on a side street where the locals eat.
There food is really good and the price is right.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Glad to read about Nancy's test results.
As mentioned before by taking Vitamin Supplements she could avoid a repeat of the Iron problem. A lot better then having Infusions or Shots.
Be Safe and have fun visiting with Sherry.

It's about time.