Friday, March 01, 2019

OK Here we go.

Monday morning Nancy had to go to the Renal Hypertension Center to have the Blood Pressure Monitor put on for 24 hours.
This was very uncomfortable for her especially Monday night because she didn't get much sleep with the monitor going off every half and hour.   It seems if it wasn't going on she would be waiting for it to start up.

Then Tuesday morning it was back to the Renal  Hypertension Center to have the monitor removed.
Tuesday afternoon we had to be on our way to see Nancy's Nephrologist for the reading of the 24 hour monitor.
It showed Nancy's blood pressure high even at night time.
The Nephrologist took one of the of the pills off of her list even though it was to help her kidneys it was causing her blood pressure to be up.
Nancy has been fighting this battle for a while now with some medicine helping her with one thing it is causing her problems with other things.

Wednesday afternoon it was to the Florida Specialist Center to see the doctor and another reading of her blood work up.

The doctor said with her iron level being low he would start a series of  IV drips once a week for three weeks and that should help her with the tired feeling.
Nancy said the drip was a combination of iron and steroids.
The process was a slow drip lasting two and a half hours, and I don't know who was the most tired Nancy or I from the sitting and waiting.

Anyway Yesterday I could tell some improvement because she was singing while she was doing some of her work.  She had not been doing that in a long time and it made me feel better hearing her singing.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Glad to read of Nancy's improvement. You are right about Medications that cause Side-Effects so they either have to be discontinued or add another medication that will probably have other Side-Effects.
Other then taking actual Iron Supplements Nancy could try taking Vitamin B-12 which will help her body produce it's own Iron. Start with a lower dosage and she can always increase the dosage if the Blood Tests show improvement. (One that I take for Blood Donation purposes.)
Be Safe and Enjoy the Nice Weather heading your way.

It's about time.