Thursday, June 01, 2017

Time to move on.

Yesterday I had to do a few small things that needed to be finished up on before I was off with Nick for the day.  The main thing was I added a little water to our fresh water tank, just enough to last us for the day because I will be filling it all they way up today. Today we will be leaving for our journey heading north.
Nick was wanting to go the base commissary for his shopping. The first thing that you see when approaching the base is the planes out on display in the front of the Base Museum of Aviation.

Then the gates into the Base where we had to show our driver license to the guard on duty to scan the information.
On the way back home we picked up several pizza's from Little Caesar's for our supper.
While I was gone Nancy was doing our laundry with Joann helping with the most of it because Nancy woke up with some kind of bug and she doesn't feel any better this morning .

When we get ready we will be leaving but it will not been soon because we always take our time.
It has been great to visit with Nick and Joann again we will be stopping once more on our way bck to Florid this coming fall.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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