Monday, June 05, 2017

Hard rain

I was just going to relax Saturday but as things always seem to happen I spent most of the day working on small things to be taken care of.
We had a very good supper of spaghetti with cheese baked on top of it and garlic bread to go with it.
After eating I was walking around to see what I could see.
There is a walking trail across the road from us but I just stayed on the road in this loop.
Nancy and I have walked this a few years back. I did manage to zoom in on the bridge that crosses a small stream.

A few flowers here and there scattered about.

Yesterday as a very cloudy day but nice so Nancy looked through some old papers we had and decided it was time to burn some of them.
I took them out to the large grill that is here to burn them.

Then around 1;30 pm we heard thunder in the distance soon the lightning came.
Then the clouds turned loose all the rain. It was the most rain we have seen in a long timeand it lasted up until late in the evening.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.  

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