Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Family visit

After having a nice four day stay at Parson's Mountain Lake Campground we left around noon yesterday going north to Greenville, South Carolina to visit Nancy's brother Don and his wife Linda.
We stayed on the two lane roads as much as possible.
Enjoying the flowers and scenery along the way.
Got to see the rolls of hay that makes the country side look just plum nice.
After arriving, checking in at the Springwood RV Park, I unhooked the car pulled into our assigned site.  Putting the levelers down I connected the electric after a short battle with a wasp. Then it was connecting the water and sewer.
Nancy then called Don to tell him we were on our way over for a visit.
Linda and Don were getting Fajitas ready for our supper while all the time we were in a lasting conversation.
Don was grilling the steak and chicken while Linda was doing the inside things.
With the meat we had refried beans, rice, tortilla chips with cheese and  guacamole sauce.
After eating way to much and an ongoing conversation Nancy and I said it was time for us to leave.
Thank you Don and Linda for a nice evening visit.
We will be going back to visit today then tomorrow going north once again.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.  

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