Friday, December 23, 2016

Long Day

Thursday was getting a haircut day so off to the barber I get my hair cut.  The photo is the shop front and yes that is the three Stooges. Larry the Barber is crazy about the Three Stooges and Larry is 88 years old so that kinda explains it all.  The new news with Larry is he has sold his place to another fella and the rate for a haircut has gone up $2.00 still a fair price of $10.00.
From the barber it was to the Winn Dixie for a few groceries.   Always got to get the grub.
Yesterday was a long day for Nancy and I in that our son Joe was coming to visit us for a few weeks.
He was coming in by plane to the St Pete Airport and arrival time was 8:17pm.
As long as we were going that way I wanted to go earlier to go to the 1st Quality Sausage House that has Hungarian and German meats and sausages the different things I grew up eating. The place has a closing time of 6:00.
Then It was across the Bayside Bridge at sunset and it was a nice sunset indeed.
We had not eaten anything since breakfast we went to the Country Skillet Restaurant after looking over the menu we chose the chicken stir fry and it was a very good choice as it tasted delicious.
By the time we had finished our food it was time to go to the airport.
Getting settled in our seats in the airport to wait I told Nancy I would check to see the arrival time and wouldn't you know it will be 20 minutes late.
We later found out that the flight upon landing where Joe was to board had hit a deer on the runway.
But anyway it was 11:00pm by the time we got back home and needless to say we got ready and went to bed.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 


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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

That is still a reasonable price for a haircut.
Looks like a delicious Stir Fry.
Bad news about the deer but glad Joe made it safely
Be Safe and Enjoy the Holidays.

It's about time.