Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Shopping day

Yesterday after breakfast time we were all catching up on our computer time then it was time for us to get ready to go grocery shopping.  Nancy said she needed to go and when she goes for some reason it takes a little longer for everyone to get ready. Also when Nancy goes grocery shopping it cost more than when I go by myself.
After Nancy getting ready it was time for an early dinner so we stopped at the McDonalds for our meal. Nancy and Sherry had the bacon ranch salad and I got the 2 for $2.00 chicken special they have going on at this time. I just ate one of the chicken sandwiches and saved one to take back home.
From there I stopped at the Save A Lot store where Sherry and I went in and Nancy waited in the car because she said since we were going to Walmart also she didn't want to wear herself out.
The reason Sherry went in with me is that I'm not suppose to be lifting anything with much weight for eight weeks from the time I had the heart attack and a stent put in and seeing I was going to buy a couple of cases of drinking water Sherry would do the lifting. We also got some canned vegetables that are 20-25 cents cheaper than Walmart.
From there it was to Walmart where I went one way, Nancy and Sherry went the other way.  We met up a half an hour later I being through with what I needed to do and The girls look like they were just about half way.  When we were through we came home and Nancy still was so tired that she was dragging.  The rest of the evening I watched a college basketball game on the tv while Nancy and Sherry were doing some computer time.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.     

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