Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Run around day

Monday evening Nancy and Sherry were out so I asked them to pick up a rack of BBQ ribs that were on sale for $9,99 at the Winn Dixie. A very good price in that they were already grilled.  The ribs with rice, Brussels sprouts and a baked potato made for a very good meal.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty good and wanted to get out of the house.
So I went to the open air roadside market and bought some grapes, tomatoes and peppers.
From there I went to the Jericho Road Thrift store to look around but I didn't buy anything.
The next stop was the Dollar Store where I bout a few things like gallon sealable plastic bags and shower spray.

Then a trip to Walmart(can you every get out without going to Walmart)that took forever with the bumper to bumper traffic on route 19.  That was of the north going traffic which I had to go thru to get to Walmart.
Needless to say after the running around I did I was ready to sit the rest of the day. I'm still fighting to get my strength back.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Lots of Bloggers understand that sometimes it is hard to find what we consider something exciting to write about. What we consider boring everyday stuff many readers would feel privileged to be able to do. When you travel they travel through your words. Don't ever think what you are writing is going unnoticed as it is putting a smile on someone's face.
What I hope to read about is for both of you health issues to improve so you can once again enjoy life as you had envisioned it.
Be Safe!

It's about time.