Thursday, November 05, 2015

Large waves sound sleep

I always like to take a different route even when we stay in one place for a while.
This was the case the other day when we went into town. We saw this sign along the way.
So I pulled into the parking lot and in we went. This was the first time in the Wife Saver Restaurant there are several in the Augusta area. You order your food and pay for it then when it is ready they call your number you go and get it. Nancy ordered the four piece chicken strips with green beans, cole slaw and a drink for $9.48 I was going to order the same thing then noticed they had the specials. So I ordered a three piece chicken with fries and the included drink for $5.99 so Nancy paid $4.49 extra for one side item and the thing is when I got my order it had four pieces of chicken.
We are still having the winds night and day and it is kicking the water up on the lake pretty good.
The temps are staying the same night and day at 66 degrees so we are able to open the window above our heads and go to sleep listening to the sound of waves hitting the shore line.
It is not suppose to rain today so that will be a nice change.

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