Saturday, May 09, 2015

Beach day

The area behind the Flea Market where we are is large and they have a bunch of rv's and boats in storage.
Yesterday was beach day for us.  Here are Sherry and Nancy heading out to get a spot near the water where we can lay out for a while.
A couple of choppers going over.  There area planes and choppers always going over because of the bases around here and the Naval base in Pensacola.
Of course a boat every now and then.
The small crabs that pop out of the sand, then with the slightest move that we made they would be back in the sand.
The birds strolling the beach for a meal. I don't think they want to tackle the larger crabs.
We only stayed a little more than an hour because it was our first time out and the sun was very hot.
We had a good relaxing time at the beach.
On the way back I stopped in to the Walmart to buy meats and sub buns to make us sub sandwiches. The subs turned out to be really good and tasty.
We had a good day as a beach day always is.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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