Thursday, December 04, 2014


Not real busy, just a little bit. 
Rudy and I ran around some Monday going to three or four different stores to buy some things that were in each of the stores.  That took up several hours.
I also pulled the tree and vines out from the back of the house to the front where the park workers could put it in their buggy to haul to the large trash bin to be taken away.  They had kind of a rough time getting it on and to stay on while they went down the street.
Tuesday Nancy and I went to the spine clinic so she could have a pain block shot for her back.  She thought it would be one shot but she had several shots on each side of her back include numbing shots before they did the main shots.
Yesterday it was to the kidney doctor so she could get a report on the blood work.  The doctor said for the most part Nancy was holding her own with only her potassium being elevated somewhat.
We were glad with the report.
We are going to try to get down to the Quality Sausage House today for a few items that we like to eat.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.   

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