Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Good Beach Day

Yesterday was a good day at the beach. It was close to a perfect day with the sunshine and a cool breeze blowing. There were more people out yesterday,but still room to put the loungers down without being crowded in.
We counted four shrimp boats in the distance,where as the day before we didn't see any.
Even a cruiser going up and down the beach with a group of people.
There were broken sand dollar pieces more than usual that had washed ashore. I found a whole one the size of the palm of my hand.
We had to watch our step because of the jelly fish on the shore. Must have been a small storm out in the sea for the seaweed and stuff that came ashore. It sure was nice to relax in the sun with the breeze and not get hot.
Thanks for stopping by and come back often. I enjoy your company. 

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