Friday, May 25, 2012

Taking it Easy

Things have slowed down  since Mark and Sherry have gone back home.
We are no longer in a vacation mode. Where we have to do things in a short time limit.  We are now in our slow mode of living.  Even though we had fun going with Mark and Sherry,it just wears us old folks out.
Yesterday was a busy day going to the laundromat and then grocery shopping.
The holiday weekend may not be so good with people coming to the beach.  There is a storm system just off the coast and it may produce rain and wind.  So we may sit inside,relax and let the crowd have the beach.  It is nice that we can take our time to do things. 
We forgot to take our medicine bottles in yesterday for refills so back 7 miles  to Shallotte Walmart today.     

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