Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Running Around

The last few days we have been out shopping. Nancy has been looking for a few new things to wear and I've been along for the ride.  She has picked up a few things then the next day she we have been taking them back,so we have been eating out.
Monday we had spaghetti at Kings Famous Pizza.  The spaghetti was very good and the service was also,a good place to eat.
Yesterday we were somewhere between North Myrtle Beach and Cherry Grove Beach on main street and eat at Hoskins. We always like to try new placesand passing Hoskins Restaurant saw a lot of cars in the parking lot so we stopped. This is a good place to eat as the locals eat here.  They have a daily special.
After eating we went out to the beach. We have not been here before and they have a nice long beachside with parking all up and down the beachside.

Wild flowers along the beach,growing in the dunes.

A good couple of days.   Thanks for stopping.
Do come back and have a good day.

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src01 said...

You have a very good eye for taking pics, wish I did :)