Saturday, May 12, 2012

Out for the Day

We finally got out yesterday.  We went down to the flea market to look around. Nice looking covered wagon.
Nancy was the only one that bought anything. She got a good deal on some books so that made her happy. She loves to read her books.
From the flea market we went to Ella's to have early dinner. We all took the early special,hamburger steak,smothered in onions,fries and cole slaw.
Then it was off to a couple of thrift shops. One consignment shop where we didn't have time to look because they were closing.
We went over to beach side of Sunset Beach and went up and down the back streets to look at the beach houses.  We had a nice evening being out running around.
Thanks for stopping in to visit.

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src01 said...

Hello again! I'm such an on again, off again blogger, but stopped by to see how you guys are doing. Will read and catch up with your activities. God bless!
Sharon from Crum, WV