Saturday, November 05, 2011


After getting up yesterday at the Cracker Barrel we had breakfast,got ready.  By that time it was afternoon,so over to Sams Club to get a few things. Did we time it right. In Sams they were having the people that have the little stands with the food samples. This is the first time we have seen this many. We sampled so many things that we didn't need to have lunch. After we were through shopping and eating it was time to go over to Walmart which is next door. We did the Walmart shopping plus walking a bit.  Then it was back over to Sams Club to park for the evening and overnight. This is where it gets good. Free food,free spot for the night and also I could get on the Sams Club wifi where I was parked. Can't beat that,thanks Sams Club.  There where several others that did the overnight here also.
Today we will go over to be with Jeremy,Allison and the great grandkids.    

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