Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hot Day

Sunday was a church day. The pastor didn't preach they had a service chaplin as a guest speaker. He had a very good message. After church we came straight home where I enjoyed a college basketball game or two.
Yesterday we went to the James Gray Preserve to do our walking. It was a beautiful day,but it sure was hot. Almost too hot for us to walk.
We're always looking for wild animals but all we saw were these three turtles on a log out in the river. They have posted of the wild life such as deer,wild boar.  We haven't seen any of these here.

We like to walk here it is shaded with trees and part of the walk is a boardwalk. Half of the trail is by the river then from the river you go around a lagoon. A good trail were your can get 4 miles of walking wasy.

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