Wednesday, January 26, 2011


 Here is what it looked like yesterday a couple of hours before the predicted big storm that was to happen.  Dark and gloomy skies with a gust of wind every now and then.

 Then the heavens opened up and let a flow of rain with wind,but not as much wind as they thought it would be. The rain lasted out the night and this morning is nice and sunny with a temp of 60°.  We started to Walmart to get some groceries Monday but we've not gotten there yet so maybe today we will get our groceries.  

The 55 watt solar panel that I bought off of ebay is still in the motorhome window where the sun is shining on it to produce enough power to keep the two house batteries charged up.  They are fully charged so now the controller is putting a trickle charge on them. I hope the weather will soon be good enough to where I can get on top of the motorhome to put the solar panel in its permanent position.

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