Sunday, January 09, 2011

Here we go again

Around and around again yesterday.  I called the doctor office to make sure they called my prescription in to Walmarts since the fax that they sent in was lost somewhere in cyber space.  They said yes they did call it in.  I then called Walmart to see if it was ready. Here we go again,the Walmart pharmacy said they never got a call from the doctors office. So the antibiotics I'm supposed to be taking is nowhere to be found.  I guess I will have to go to the doctors office and get the prescription in my hands and take it in.  I told Nancy maybe I should make a video of me handing the prescription to the pharmacy just in case they may say I never gave it to them.  I've had trouble with the Walmart pharmacy before but nothing like this. So today will be a day of doing nothing again,Nancy and I do that like old pros already.

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