Saturday, May 26, 2007

Well Nancy did it again! She bought Andy a Thomas train set and he doesn't want to turn it loose. Jeremy is improving each day but it will take a little while before he can do what he wants to. At least his back doesn't hurt anymore so thats the main thing. We are so glad that everything went well for him. I'm sure he can't hardly wait to get back to work.Today makes 19 days we have been here parked in Jeremy and Tiff's yard.He has a nice large yard and I ran an electric plug and a seperate breaker to have us power. That with water I can fill the tank. I do have to go down to the gas station 7 miles to dump the tanks so its no trouble with that part of it.We just have to wait to see when we can get on the road again.

The smoke is still laying heavy on the highways here in Georgia. It has to be bad for the health of the people here breathing the smoke all the time. Most of the time the visability is down less then 1 mile.
We like to sleep with the window open at the head of the bed at night but we can't because of the smell of smoke.

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