Thursday, September 13, 2018

Staying longer

We are still here in the Cumberland National Historical Park  Campground.

We were going to head south but Nancy didn't like the idea of it after watching the Weather Channel and seeing all the storms out in the Atlantic.  So it looks like we may be in the area for a little longer.

We do not like to get up early in the morning, but sometimes we need to.

When we do we are gifted with a lovely morning like the one we had the other morning going to get the levelers put back on the motor home.
The fog hung low for a long time that morning and really looked nice.

Yesterday we had an extra load of laundry to do so we packed it up and went to the Laundromat to do the large load using several washers and dryers.

After finishing the laundry we went to Pelanchos Mexican Grill to have a really good meal.

Then a stop at Kroger to finish up our day in town.  

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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our awesome travels said...

Good choice to hang out and see what Florence want to do, in the meantime stay safe and relax.