Friday, July 13, 2018

Our report Residential vs RV Refrigerator

The leftovers are finally have been eaten.  Well almost there are still two packs of hamburger buns left.  We are making head way with them and everything taste just as good as they were the first day.

We made our weekly run to the stores with Jackie.
With us leaving just after noon time our first stop was to get something to eat and this time it was Fazoli's and all three of us having the baked spaghetti and of course we had to have a double order of the fresh good tasting bread.

Next up was Walmart where we got the things that only has the brand names that Nancy has to have and Jackie getting the certain things she gets in Walmart.

Next was Kroger to buy the meats and also their special items.

I thought this would be a good time to report since being on the road 3 months with our residential Magic Chef 9.9 cu ft install.
Glad to report all is going just fine and we are doing the same as we did with the old Dometic rv refrigerator.
We had all the following already set up while we had the Dometic refrigerator so we didn't buy anything extra to use the residential Magic Chef.

425W of solar panels
4 12volt deep cycle batteries.
2000W true sine wave inverter with the refrigerator connected to it all the time.

When we dry camp Nancy has to use the hair dryer and the air conditioner most of the time getting ready so the generator needs to be running.  But when she doesn't need the air conditioner she can use the hair dryer without the generator.
The most we have done so far is four days straight dry camping.

With a sunny day we go the daylight time without turning the generator on.

We watch tv in the evening into the night time and the generator needs to run a short time.
The same as when we had the Dometic rv refrigerator.

We should have made the switch in refrigerators a long time ago.  The cost of the Magic Chef from Home Depot was $1000 less than the Dometic and so much better.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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our awesome travels said...

Glad your residential fridge is working out for you glad to hear the reports.