Thursday, July 19, 2018

Moving Tomorrow

Not a whole lot going on, maybe a little but did not think it would that much.

While here visiting with Jackie (Nancy's sister) I did build a new hand rail for her steps up to the porch and a new section of porch railing.   Then through the week put three coats of cedar of paint on it.

We went to Morehead Wednesday first was Walmart to get a few things.
then by the time we finished there it was time for us to have something to eat so we went to
La Finca a Mexican Restaurant.
All three of us had a good meal and we had more than enough to fill us up.

Or last stop was a stop at Kroger for the rest of our shopping list.
After getting back home I took Jackie to choir singing practice.

Back home I empty our black tank by using our blue tote tank and emptying it in the clean out of Jackie's sewer pipe.  Then filling up our fresh water tank.
I will have to do this again tomorrow since we will be leaving and going to Danville to visit our daughter Vicki and grandson Jarod's family.

We thank Jackie for letting us visit and have enjoyed our time here, but I have to get the wheels moving on the old motor home once again.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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our awesome travels said...

Nice to enjoy your time there and get things done.
Moving on dow the road us what this lifestyle is all about, travel safe.