Friday, June 15, 2018

Visiting in Culloden, West Virginia

After having lunch with Mark and Sherry we were on our way at 1:35 pm.

We were very fortunate to only have a few sprinkles of rain and not a down pour like we thought might happen.
Everything was nice and smooth until we got on I-77 at Ripley, then the road changed.
It was like we were riding in a buckboard wagon. Yes it was that rough and the travel time was only around two hours.  Nancy and I really had sore bones in our bodies the rest of the day.

We stopped at a rest area before going on the Peach and Don's house because it have a dump station.
Even though Don has a place for a sewer hookup where we park in the drive way I wanted to empty the tanks.
When we got there I unhooked the car and backed in beside the house with Don making sure I got back just enough so he could still get in his garage.
The days weather was so hot that I waited until later to hook up to the water and rest of the land lines.

We were all glad to see each other and after a brief visit Don and I went to get a couple of pizzas for us.  After eating Nancy and I came out to the motor home to set up everything for our week of visiting.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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