Saturday, June 09, 2018

Installing new backup system

We are enjoying our visit with Mark and Sherry.
We went out for our dinner the first day we were here to the Country Kitchen.
This restaurant is kind of where the locals go to meet and eat.  Our meal was good and tasty, thank you Mark.  Yesterday Mark did the cooking and invited us in for dinner.  He had salad and very good Spaghetti and I think I shouldn't have had the second helping.

My backup camera did get to the point where it was fading out so I ordered a new one from Amazon and had it delivered here to Mark and Sherry's house.
That has been taking up most of my time so far.

Taking out the old square monitor and leaving a big square hole, doesn't work to well when you have a new flat screen monitor.

Here is the new color monitor.

And here is the size difference having a two inch gap to fill in.

What I did was use 1/4" plywood to cover the larger opening where the old monitor was and cut out the size for the new monitor.  I will stain and varnish the plywood to match the dash board.
I used the cable 5 pin cable for the 4 pin cable to connect the monitor and camera by cutting the ends off and matching up the wires to both.

As happening this trip from the start there has been something to keep me busy.
Maybe the next stop in the journey I can sit still and enjoy it.  Maybe not!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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our awesome travels said...

Nice fix for the back up camera, sure is nice to have it working again. we use ours all the time.