Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Therapy continues

Gee whiz is there no end to our appointments?

I had to do therapy Friday.
Then comes Monday Nancy had an appointment with the Cardiologist to get the report on the Echo-Gram on her heart.  Its seem she has a leaking valve of the heart, that was news to us because she has been checked through the years and nothing has ever been found.  The Cardiologist told her it wasn't anything to worry about.  He did change some of her prescriptions so hopefully she will feel better.

Yesterday morning early I went to the Dermatologist because the biopsy they took a month ago came back positive.  So He had to cut on my cheek to have checked to see if it would get the cancer out.  They had the traveling van at his office yesterday with all the laboratory equipment to check it.
So after the cutting he stitched it up then I went back to the waiting room to wait on the result.
After waiting around 45 minutes they call me in and said the doctor would have to cut out some more because he didn't cut enough to get to the end of the roots.  So a little more cutting, a little more stitching and then waiting.  After waiting again they called me back and said that they got it all out and everything showed clean.

After getting back home eating my late breakfast then in a couple of hours it was time for another therapy session.  I thought I would have one more session after this one but oh no, I have five more.

So between Nancy and myself we have a total of 13 appointments for this month and we hope there will not be any more added on to that. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


our awesome travels said...

Good luck with all those appointments and hope all goes well.

Unknown said...

Comes a time when you might want to decide on how many appointments you can tolerate...