Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Big Dance

Yeah, that's what they call the NCAA Tournament.   So if you have been following my Blog you know I will be dancing for a few weeks and for sure I will not be by myself.  I will be joined by millions of more people watching and hoping their teams are going to win the games.

I went to Rural King yesterday to buy a few things.  They have the large bags of potato chips for $1.99 and these have become my favorite.  I used to get the lightly salted  Lays Brand Potato Chips for the price of $4.29.
The price caught my eye but looking at the amount of sodium the Rural King Classic had less sodium.  The chip have a good taste and are more crispy.  That is me and your taste may be different.

I was looking for some more things but could not find them as I have bought another 100w solar panel.   I'm going to use this one to connect and use it on the ground for when we are parked in the shade with the motorhome.  I will likely put it on the roof when my shoulder heals enough for me to be able to climb on the roof.  This will add up to give me a total of 425 watts of solar.
With me being at the age of 80 in the next month will no doubt be enough solar to do me.

I will be going to the Dermatologist today to have the stitches taken out of my check.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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our awesome travels said...

Yeah keep on dancing and enjoy.
The extra panel will be a nice addition for sure. We only have 230 watts about has done us well for the last 11 years.