Friday, September 22, 2017

Mountains to Ocean

We left Clayton, Georgia Wednesday late afternoon after checking out three places that I thought we would be staying.
Well upon checking all three being Corp of Engineer Campgrounds and with no available sites for the rest of the month at which time they will close for the season I had to decide on where to go.
So with the easy way out I asked Nancy what she thought of just going to Sunset Beach, North Carolina for a month and after a time of discussion we were on our way to the beach town.
As we saw this load of pumpkins at a roadside market we stopped to look around.
Nancy bought some local grown apples that she looked at that later on proved to taste good.
We liked this Red Neck Bird Bath but didn't buy one.

We made it to Columbia just right to hit it as it was the workers quitting time and slow traffic.

After getting through the traffic of Columbia it was on route 378 for us with more slow downs as the were working on making the roads to four lanes.  Here is three large cranes at one bridge.

We made it to Sumter and spent the night at the Walmart.
We left Walmart yesterday after getting ready.

And in a few hours driving through North Myrtle Beach.

We then drove to Calabash, North Carolina to have something to eat before getting to Wishing Well Campground in Sunset Beach.
Its a good thing we did eat because by the time we got to the campground it came a real down pour of rain that lasted way to long but we did finally got set up.



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our awesome travels said...

Love the local markets and fresh apples. Love travelling down the east coast. Enjoy your time there.